Sunday, August 23, 2015

Supersize please.

I ended up ordering the supersize version of Sugar and Spice because the detailing on it is amazing. I was going to start it in 28 count but I decided to save up for the 25 count fabric because I like the looks of that more. In the meantime I have been working on a ton of different projects. I finished the second row of pages on the Story keep and started the row with the words.

I made this Precious Moments ornament over two days. Fastest project ever. 
Then I started Witches' Night Out by Blackberry Lane Designs. And have gotten this far...
I have also started Hocus Pocus by Tilton crafts and am half way through the first page.
This is going to be really cool looking when done.

Then I restarted Boreas on 25count fabric. Looking much smoother. I thought I would never go higher than 18 but this 25 count has weaseled its way into my heart.

I have been laid up with Strep throat and bronchitis again which is accounts for the progress on projects I have been making. This time it was bad enough to send me to the ER because I have a hard time catching my breath. Been using an inhaler often which is so strange to me. I don't have asthma but right now I feel as though I do. The strep seems to have cleared up, now just waiting for the rest of me to heal. In the meantime I have been stitching and I have ordered more patterns than I can ever finish. I thinking need to sit down and go through them again and get rid of any I can't see myself stitching now.

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