Sunday, June 7, 2015

2 finishes and multiple new starts

Warning, picture heavy post ahead. I finally finished Pansies. I still need to wash, iron and frame it but it is done.
I also finished a small project commissioned as a gift by sister-in-law. While I loved the process, and having a finish so quickly, this isn't really my cup of tea. This pattern I got off of Etsy. I was disappointed in the pattern because it wasn't the same as the picture shown so I just followed the picture instead.
After these two finishes I joined two SAL on the Cross Stitch and Discuss Facebook page. Design Works SAL and Joan Elliott SAL. For the first one I started two kits, Coffe Break and Be Joyful. For the JE I started Trick or Treat, which I have the most done on so far.
Coffee break above.
Be Joyful (I have more done now)
Trick or Treat.
As a special treat for myself I saved up and ordered the Millenium Frame by Needleneeds in the UK and am excited to receive it whenever it arrives. I have heard it can take several months to arrive so I am prepared for the wait. My dad helped me make adjustments to my floor stand so it should now work wonderfully with it. 
I already have plans to start the HAED Sugar and Spice by Dona Gelsinger as soon as it arrives. I am in love with that pattern and am finding it hard to resist starting since it is all kitted up and ready to go. I did get a tiny bit more progress on the HAED storykeep for my son.
I am working on whatever strikes my fancy at the moment and have been getting quite a bit of progress done, especially since we are moving once again. (All for the good and a giant step towards our future but still it is exhausting and time consuming.) I have given in to working on the project that I am yearning for instead of trying to force myself to work on one that I find a chore to do. This means I have a LOT of WIPs going but I have noticed that my speed has improved on my work if I am really into it. For instance the Trick or Treat Witch has only been worked on since Friday when I put in about 10 stitches, so I have high hopes I can get a few of these kits completed this year.

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