Sunday, April 19, 2015


Sorry I don't have any pictures this time. I have been thinking about all of my WIPs that I have going as well as all of the projects I want to do and I was getting overwhelmed just at the thought. So I pulled out a few WIPs and planned to get something finished this weekend. The plastic canvas dollhouse for my daughter is one of the biggest and most time consuming. This will be a long while for the entire house to be finished so I have been considering each room as it's own project. I completed the construction of the first floor hallway. That was a chore since the door is functional, it was a pain trying to attach it correctly. It works, but I just hope no one does a close inspection of the inner seam as it is a bit messy. I have had some thoughts as to scrapping this project all together because it is massive, and I will have to redo the very large foundation, but each time I think of it I just can't bring myself to do it.

The next WIP was my brother's stocking. I was very close to having this finished at Christmas last year but just didn't make it on time. Since then I hadn't touched it. Today I finished embroidering his name and attaching the liner and the back. I only have the hanger to attach, the wreath  for his arm to construct and a candy cane to insert into the stocking and it will be finished. That work is minimal so I have my fingers crossed that I will have it done tonight or tomorrow night. 

After that I plan to crack down on Pansies. This will take a few days to finish the cross stitching and then a few more for all the backstitching but it will be very nice to have something completed. The remaining WIPs are very large projects that will take a very long time to finish. I have heaven and earth designs storykeep Strength, regular Boreas, Mini Kathleen and Summer, and Mini Hit Any Key. As for the dollhouse I really need to buckle down so it will be done in time for my daughter to actually play with it. The next room has a ton of pieces, it is the kitchen. All the cabinets, as well as the trash compactor and refrigerator and stove open. 

All of this came about while thinking about our future. We have talked about moving in a couple of years to Oregon and the thought of packing up so much stuff is exhausting. I started one drawer/cupboard at a time and am slowly but surely downsizing our belongings. Hopefully by the time we really are ready to move it will be an easier process than last time.

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